Hot Towel Shave



Experience a luxury Hot Towel Shave at Sailor Sharkey Barbers in Dundalk

We put the time and effort into making sure you get the best shave possible along with feeling relaxed.


Consistent Facial Steam to open skin pores
Cleanse and exfoliate skin
Apply Hot Towels for 30 seconds each time (3)
Application of shave cream to beard
Clean shave face
Close the pores – Apply Cold Towels for 30 seconds each time (3)
Apply Moisturiser and Post Shave Balm to achieve best results and feeling after shave.
Bottle of Water given afterwards to help with hydration.

Purchase today and get in contact to book in your slot to experience your Luxury Hot Towel Shave.


Once purchased we will be in touch to organise the Voucher via email.

The process will take approx 45 minutes.

Products used will be American Crew.

The perfect Gift for the man in your life.


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